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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple... why would we apply chemicals to our skin that we wouldn’t feel right about them?

I truly believe that nature is the best innovator. It’s not a matter of improving nature, but learning how to harness nature’s power.

There’s this idea that man-made ingredients are more powerful. But when my child, Sarit, was suffering from atopic dermatitis, I saw first hand that it’s just not true.

I’d been a biotech engineer and senior formulator in the global pharmaceutical and dermatological industry. From the lab, I knew that any active pharmaceutical ingredient would have side effects. That worried me.

And yet, the natural products I’d tried weren’t effective. Nothing I could purchase soothed her hypersensitive skin.

That’s when I stopped thinking only as a mother, and started thinking as a bioengineer. When I tried my own complex of natural ingredients, I saw an immediate effect The redness and swelling faded away. As a professional, what I saw took me by surprise.

In Israel, where I live, we have some of the best biotech in the world. But nature is still ahead of our scientific knowledge. Plants and minerals contain sophisticated compounds that we just can’t yet reproduce.

From that first success, I knew that I could use my R&D knowledge to make better natural skincare - to make products that harness the power of natural ingredients with high-impact effects. It started with my very first custom cream… and the rest is history.

The Story Behind Malka Cosmetics

When I saw my first formula work on Sarit’s dermatitis, I knew I couldn’t stop there. I wanted to create products I’d feel confident using to protect my skin from aging. But there were no chemical-free products on the market that showed visible results after just one application

With most natural skincare, women can’t see the effects, and so they turn back to pharmaceutical-made skincare. The truth is that despite big promises, most chemical ingredients are no more effective than a placebo.

Many people are unaware of the natural bioactives that can transform skin, without the harm of chemical ingredients used in standard cosmetics. Plants manufacture these phytochemicals for protection from the sun, to renew cells and delay aging. When we extract these sophisticated compounds - including polyphenols and other active antioxidants - we can use them in skincare with powerful results.

I left my job as a biotechnology engineer to create an ideal natural skincare line. Everything I know from 14 years in product development, I’m applying to botanical and mineral ingredients.

Malka’s products apply science and innovation to preserve and deliver natural bioactive compounds. Every formulation undergoes rigorous testing, to prove perfect stability and visible results. We source our materials carefully, choosing highly advanced blends of botanical oils, herbs, minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea. Our ingredients comply to rigorous standards and we only package our products in glass containers.

Nature + Science and Innovation for Beautifully Healthy Skin

What people are saying about us...

THANK YOU! I have incorporated the OliveMagic products into my skin care AM routine and goodness... my skin has never looked better. so hydrated, clear, smooth and radiant and the most amazing part is this is Cruelty Free. Thank you Malka for producing ethical , cruelty free game changing skin care! My skin has never looked better ❤


My skin is incredibly sensitive. I have tried everything under the sun, expensive to cheap, natural products, you name it. I almost feel like these products were designed specifically for me! I would give Milana the biggest hug if I ever got a chance to meet her. She is a genius!!! I love the mix and my skin absolutely glows! Thanks for making such wonderful products!!! Lifesaver for me!


Got this as a sample with another purchase but fell in love!! After one week of use my dark circles were barely noticeable and my eyes were less puffy. I will definitely purchase the full size, it's amazing!!


Finally found what I have been looking for! I was hesitant at first because of the price but it it definitely worth it. It is lightweight, hydrating, and brightens your face instantly. I have been using this cream for 6 months and I am in love! My face has never been this radiant!


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We Believe in Beauty Without Cruelty First

We've been awarded the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval by Cruelty Free International, certifying all of our products to be free from animal tests under the International Humane Cosmetics and Household Products Standards

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