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  • “Luminous

    this cream has done exactly what it claims to do for me! My skin is always luminous after using it and it lasts, I can apply this in the evening and I still have that luminosity in the morning (nothing greasy though). Also, what I like about it is that it leaves the skin REALLY soft and improve skin texture. Love it!"

    Julie W

  • “So hydrating!!

    I have combination skin. This is one of my favorite Cream! Soaks right in to your skin. Makes your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated with NO icky residue left on the skin! Which in my book is a MUST for a day Cream! Smells fresh and works great under makeup!"

    Loretta F

  • “Magical

    Unreal product. So soothing & moisturizing. If I forget to use it at night I notice my skin is still hydrated & plump from the day before! Magical"

    Margaret L

  • “Lifesaver for me!

    I love this product so much! In fact, I love the whole line so much! Best thing that ever happened to my skin! I have suffered my entire life practically, with cystic acne. Everything I ever tried made my skin break out even worse, or caused redness, itching and inflammation. This is truly the ONLY line I have ever used that did not exacerbate my issues and is actually resolving them. My skin is incredibly sensitive. I have tried everything under the sun, expensive to cheap, natural products, you name it. I almost feel like these products were designed specifically for me! I would give Milana the biggest hug if I ever got a chance to meet her. She is a genius!!! I love to mix and my skin absolutely glows! I have never worn foundation, only concealer to help cover spots, and now I barely have to wear that any more...I only use a tiny amount to camouflage a few scars. If I can eventually be 100% makeup free, I will be so excited! Thanks for making such wonderful products!!!"


  • “My Go To Moisturizer

    Very natural moisture. I love it. I have combination face and prone to break out during my monthly time-frame. I use this cream and my skin just relaxes and calms down more. Great for everyday moisturizer."

    Amanda L

  • “Best Eye Cream EVER!

    I have a few eye creams at any one time. I have tried whole range of products from the expensive pharmaceutical prescribed products to those off the shelves. This is the one i keep going back to. Rich in texture, you would only have to use a bit. Very effective, long lasting. My skin is sensitive but this gem proves no problem at all.

    Virginia C

  • “Worth it

    Love it! I could really see a big difference in getting rid of dark circles and lines. My under eye area looks 100 times better! I've tried other products that never seemed to make any difference. Definitely recommend. It is pricey but it doesn't take much product so will last forever.

    Susan M

  • “Holy Grail Serum

    I have gone through 3 bottles of this stuff and I will never be without it. I have very oily skin and live in a desert climate. I have no problems layering this product and have never felt it's too thick, greasy, etc on my skin. It's truly an amazing product. Just make sure you watch out for oxidation and toss after 6 months after you open it. It won't work after that. If you don't understand the purpose of this product. Love it!

    Jean J

  • “Amazed

    I'm a male and I have sensitive skin. I've been trying different moisturizers for my face that wouldn't irritate my skin or turn it red. I couldn't find anything for men that I liked. I ran out of ideas regarding men's products, so my girlfriend suggested I try her cream (this product). I was blown away. It moisturizes my face and feels light on my skin. But, what really amazed me was that it SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the appearance of my acne scars and made my complexion more clear and balanced from only two weeks of daily use. I'm now getting compliments ("your skin is clearer" / "you look younger") from my female friends and they even ask me what I'm using on my face because the difference is apparent. This is definitely worth the price.

    John M

  • “Glowy skin

    i got a full size kit and i've been using it every morning after toning and it immediately adds a glow and makes my skin look super healthy and firm! i've noticed most of my hyperpigmentation fading as well.

    Dolores C

  • “Literally magic

    After a long winter, I noticed my skin feeling grey and sallow. I was looking for something to revive it. This did it - within a couple days, I noticed a more even skin tone, and even a little glow. People asked if I got a tan! Yes, it's pricy, but with one pump a day, it will last. I will re-order.

    Renae A

What people are saying about us...

THANK YOU! I have incorporated the OliveMagic products into my skin care AM routine and goodness... my skin has never looked better. so hydrated, clear, smooth and radiant and the most amazing part is this is Cruelty Free. Thank you Malka for producing ethical , cruelty free game changing skin care! My skin has never looked better ❤


My skin is incredibly sensitive. I have tried everything under the sun, expensive to cheap, natural products, you name it. I almost feel like these products were designed specifically for me! I would give Milana the biggest hug if I ever got a chance to meet her. She is a genius!!! I love the mix and my skin absolutely glows! Thanks for making such wonderful products!!! Lifesaver for me!


Got this as a sample with another purchase but fell in love!! After one week of use my dark circles were barely noticeable and my eyes were less puffy. I will definitely purchase the full size, it's amazing!!


Finally found what I have been looking for! I was hesitant at first because of the price but it it definitely worth it. It is lightweight, hydrating, and brightens your face instantly. I have been using this cream for 6 months and I am in love! My face has never been this radiant!


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